Free Wheelers Lodge No. 9991

Consecration 16th May 2020
Epic Centre, Lincoln

The first stage in the life of any lodge is it’s Consecration.  This is a formal ceremony whereby the Provincial Grand Master, supported by his team of officers, lay down the foundations for our new lodge and formally invest the first officers.

We would be overjoyed if you could join us at this historic event.  The day will commence at 11AM with the Consecration Ceremony, which leads straight into the first meeting of the Lodge.  After which our members, honoured guests, visitors and friends will sit down to enjoy a festive board.

The cost of the meal is £39.00

If you are not able to dine with us, there is a non-dining booking form which will need to be completed instead.

Regrettably, this is only open to Master masons and above.

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