Free Wheelers Lodge No. 9991

Chris Jones

I am currently the IPM of the Round Table Lodge and J in Chapter. Freemasonry and riding my bike are a welcome distraction from running my Independent School and the Wheels 2 Work project for Lincolnshire. My two beautiful granddaughters also keep Michelle and I busy and we can’t wait for May 2020 and our Consecration so we can get cracking with this new addition to Lincolnshire Freemasonry.

Ken Bevis

Having rekindled my love for motorcycles back in 1993 my wife and I have toured both England and Europe extensively. I was initiated onto Freemasonry in 1999 with Saint James Lodge, No 7415 and became WM in 2017. The concept of the Free Wheelers lodge started with the Lincolnshire Masonic Motorcycle Club where we have enjoyed some superb European trips, all involving visits to Lodges. Our WM designate has been responsible for driving the Free Wheelers Lodge concept and I am proud to be involved. The consecration is now in sight, so please join us on the 16th May and make this the biggest masonic event of the decade.

Keith Edwards

I am absolutely delighted to be given the opportunity to be the first Treasurer of our new motorcycle Lodge. I have been a Freemason for over 20 years and hold Provincial Rank in both Craft and Royal Arch. My love of motorcycling began in 1971 at the tender age of 16 and I have owned many different machines since that time. I have been an instructor (in the days when it was voluntary) and a competition rider having taken part in many motorcycle trials events on a Sammy Miller Honda and a Montesa Cota. Sadly, I am too old for trials now as it hurts too much when I get it wrong. My wife loves to ride pillion and we are both looking forward to getting out on the BMW F750 GS that I have recently purchased. I cannot wait until the Free Wheelers Lodge is fully up and running and we can get down to some Motorcycle Masonry.

Chris Fletcher

I’m not native to Lincolnshire, but the other members of the founding committee seem to have forgiven me. My masonic career started in Leicestershire over 20 years ago, and went through the chair of my mother lodge, St Wilfrid’s, in 2008. Since then, I’ve joined Chapter in Derbyshire and then finally settled in Brigg, going through the chair again in Ancholme Lodge and settling on a local chapter! I have experience of peripatetic lodges, being a member of the Joey Dunlop Lodge of Mark Master Masons and RAM. We travel the country to meet up on bikes and enjoy a great time! When the opportunity came along to be involved in the Free Wheelers Lodge I jumped at the chance, and actually volunteered to be Secretary! I first started riding on a 1980 Orange Honda 50 twist and go. Great fun, and slightly faster than walking. Since then I’ve moved to sports bikes, ending up with Fireblades for a number of years. I’m now of an age that 100 miles on a ‘blade was the limit, so have opted for a Tracer – my first touring bike. It will be great for carrying the secretarial equipment to our lodges! It will be great to see you all and consecration and at our future meetings!

Andy Bagworth

I have been motor biking for nine years and in that time have luckily managed to get to a few far flung places on my bike, including South, North & Central America and Mongolia. Presently, I am Secretary and Mentor of St Guthlac Lodge and went through the chair in 1996. My other hobbies include grandchildren, dancing, cycling and ten pin bowling. I have also been persuaded to drink the odd pint of beer! I am looking forward to getting the Free Wheelers lodge up and running and am fully committed to giving it my all!

Karl Fidoe

Having ridden and used motorbikes from age dot, I am still enjoying biking at age 54, all weather biker, colder the better. I am delighted to be involved in the new Free Wheelers Lodge and feel humbled that I can be Senior Deacon for the first year of starting up. I enjoy my Masonry and it has been in my heart since being initiated into Lindum Lodge in 1996, having now been through the big chair, I find myself being chosen for our lodge DC shortly and with Provincial Honours coming up in May, I am looking forward to an extremely busy masonic year. Apart from a busy family life and being a self-employed Electrician, I find time to have the odd game of squash. Looking forward to the next chapter in life and meeting you all at the Consecration.

Andy Gillman

I was initiated into the Earl of Yarborough Lodge No.2770 in 2000, served as Master in 2008 and I am currently Director of Ceremonies. I have had the honour of serving the Province of Lincolnshire as Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in both the Craft and Chapter. Having only owned a bike for 7 years I feel very privileged indeed to be involved with the new and exciting prospect of the Free Wheelers Lodge. Since first hearing about the new FW Lodge for the first time at Provincial Grand Lodge last May, the drive of the core group to make this happen has been nothing short of outstanding. It would be great if we could fill the Epic Centre for the Consecration (both bikers and non-bikers alike), it really is going to be a fantastic spectacle. Your support would be wonderful.

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